Ideas that stay on track

No Country for Young Men (or Women)

Australia is becoming an increasingly inhospitable place for youth entering the workforce. This first graph indicates that youth unemployment has remained 12 years after the Global Financial crisis and has not reached the same lows since 2001. Additional to youth unemployment’s systemic and historic aspect, COVID-19 has further skyrocketed youth unemployment figures. Apart from theContinue reading “No Country for Young Men (or Women)”

The ‘Regional Population Plan’ Dilemma

Distribution of our population has been a very important topic, particularly whenever migration came up. Australia’s population growth, some would say since the beginning of European colonisation, has been heavily dependent on migration, mostly migration to our biggest three cities, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. These three cities combined claim 11 million people, a staggering 44%Continue reading “The ‘Regional Population Plan’ Dilemma”

Vocational Education: Fix Supply to Meet Demand

Australia has a supply and demand problem with skilled workers. In April, the Australian Financial Review (‘AFR’) reported that resources industry is facing a massive skills shortage exacerbated by interstate border shutdowns.[1] The AFR then reported in July that forklift licence in more demand than a bachelor’s degree – according to data from the NationalContinue reading “Vocational Education: Fix Supply to Meet Demand”

And we are live.

The Centre for Jobs and Regional Economy (CJRE) is officially live on 30 June 2020. We were established to address the endemic economic neglect suffered by regional Australia. Australia is overtly top-heavy, with our urban and economic lifeblood often concentrated in capital cities. This results in a self-fulfilling prophecy whereby talent, capital and consumer basesContinue reading “And we are live.”