The Regions

“The future of the regions is the future of Australia.”

Regional Australia is very often conceptualised and portrayed as small, remote townships struggling for oxygen in a world where more and more people dwell in cities. However, this is not necessarily the case for Australia. According to the Australian Department of Home Affairs, all of Australia outside of Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane fall within the ‘regional’ umbrella.1 This means that, geographically, regional Australia covers a staggering 99.5 per cent of Australia’s land mass.

It is no surprise, then, that regional Australia would be a key economic pillar. Impressively, Regional Australia accounts for one-third of the nation’s Gross Domestic Product 2 and 49.48 per cent of the population.3 Therefore, it goes without saying that the regions are important to Australia’s future.

Under this backdrop, the Centre for Jobs & Regional Economy aims to produce evidence-based policy solutions for the regions. Because the future of the regions is the future of Australia.

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